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Security Services

Fiat Security Services Inc. offers both armed and unarmed security services for community organized & sponsored events, commercial establishments including & not limited to banks, retail stores & malls as well as gated communities.

Why Choose Us

Total Solutions. We design, develop and implement security programs using cutting edge surveillance technology and professional human resources.

Decentralized. There’s no single point of failure, with users around the world all 4 supporting the Fiat Security Services Inc.

Secure. All computations on the Fiat Security Services Inc. take place inside an isolated virtual machine, offering near-complete security for all providers and users.

Cost-effective. Very few computers use all their power all the time. By providing a monetization strategy for excess computing power, Fiat Security Services Inc. is likely to have a lot of providers all over the world, offering a highly competitive marketplace for users.

Flexible. Developers can create, deploy, and monetize their own apps through Fiat Security Services Inc. This will greatly expand its potential applications over time.

Industry Leaders. Utilizing the new technologies and training techniques available.

Our Goal. Provide security solutions to solve our client’s issues by retaining the highest quality officers, products, and management. To develop and maintain a long term relationship with our clients.

Detailed Reports

security reportsOur online web reporting system ensures legible, quality reports available for you, the client to view at your convenience. With GPS tracked smart phones, pictures and videos can be uploaded instantaneously with a time and date stamp. Real time reporting allows for incidents to be emailed directly to you immediately. There are separate reports for lights out, hazards, parking violations, and input maintenance requests. Also included is a pass on log to leave memos and reminders for the officers, truck logs, and visitor/guest logs for checking in and out.

officer reportingDigital Reporting

As a security guard provider, Fiat Security Services realizes that the ability to quickly collect, deliver, and access information that our security offers provide is critical. As a result, of that understanding, Fiat Security Services has partnered with to manage our security officer reporting process.

Client Benefits

  • Gain more time
  • Minimize paperwork
  • Track maintenance issues
  • Manage emergencies and incidents
  • Minimize liability
  • Real time monitoring
Our Security Services Include:
  • ArmedĀ & Unarmed Security
  • Bank Security
  • Concierge Services
  • Construction Security
  • Event Security
  • Executive Protection
  • Loss Prevention
  • School Security
  • Vehicle Patrol Services
  • Warehouse Security
Industries We Serve Include:
  • Colleges, Universities, and Schools
  • Energy, Utilities, and Chemical/Petrochemical
  • Hotels & Resorts
  • Financial Institutions
  • Government Services
  • Healthcare Facilities
  • Industrial & Manufacturing
  • Residential Communities
  • Internal Security Companies/Governments National & International
  • Retail & Commercial Properties
  • Stadium & Events

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