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Efficient & Reliable Funeral Escort & Security Services in South Florida

Funeral Escort Services
Security Services
Fiat Security Services Inc. offers armed and unarmed security services. We have a specialized division which provides funeral escorts for all of South Florida including Miami/Dade, Broward, Palm Beach, Martin & St Lucie Counties. State wide security services & funeral escort options are available upon request.

Fiat Security Services Inc. is fully licensed and insured. We employ a team of EXPERIENCED AND RELIABLE STAFF that invests in your safety and satisfaction

Fiat Security Services Inc. offers a variety of security services for VIP’s, dignitaries, weddings & other special events. We also provide security services for churches, synagogues & gated communities. We understand the special requirements of each client & tailors a game plan according to those requirements.

Why Choose Us

Trust a company with an impressive list of advantages:

  • New systems for instant communication
  • New fleet of law enforcement motorcycles
  • Qualified master traffic riders equipped with safety gear
  • Comprehensive & detailed route planning
  • Assistance & crowd control
  • New safety lighting on motorcycles for increased visibility & safety

Professional Services

Trust a company that specializes in providing Funeral Escort Services and General Security throughout the state of Florida. We have more than 16 years of experience in providing reliable service. Our commitment to excellence and professionalism assures you that the funeral procession will be escorted in a timely, uninterrupted, and honorable manner. We also offer VIP escort services. A fleet of professional motorcycle riders assures a safe and smooth ride to and from your destination.

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